那个…. Embarrassed 上一篇伯客实在太白痴了…呵呵…. 所以今天来弥补一下… 没办法…俺那脑袋一过午夜, 就会开始绣逗… 所以今天乘午夜前发… Tongue out
这个周末去划雪了… Open-mouthed 虽然只去了一天 (小失望下), 但是还是很开心… 俺的滑雪技术小进步了点… 我是体育白痴… 任何进步对我来说是来之不易的!!! 在这儿分享一下从instructor那儿学来的tip吧: 说分享…其实是给自己写的, 这样下回好记住…
1. beginner L1: pizza and french fries – form a pizza shape (inner 8) with your skis to slow yourself down, french fries (keeping your skis parallel) to pick up speed. [it was very cute hearing the instructors yelling pizza pizza! french fries french fries!! to the little kids while teaching them]
2. beginner L2: 2 hundred dollar bills – imagine you have a hundred dollar bill between your shin and your ski boots, and you don’t want  to loose those 200 dollars, so push your shin againt your boots 100% of the time… [this is a lot harder to do than said… T.T everytime i try to turn the instructor started saying, "Lan, where’s your 200 dollar bills??"]
3. biginner L3.a: child-proof medicine caps – when you turn, use the ball of your feet to push and twist in the direction you want to go
4. biginner L3.b: big toe, little toe – 2nd way to turn, push down your big toe on your outer feet, push down on your little toe on your inner feet
5. biginner L3.c: Rated R version… always give it! don’t take it! (ehh.. the instructor said it… i’m just repeating what he said.. =P hehe.. ) so in normal words, meaning stand up straight, and push your pelvis to the front, instead of hunching and sticking your butt to the back…

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