Rock climbing

Found a new hobby! =D yep! Rock climbing…
went rock climbing last friday.. i’ve always wanted to try, but didn’t get a chance to.. finally the chance came.. it was pretty fun… to tell the truth… it’s not like fun fun!… but it really give you an accomplished feeling when you get to the top.  human being like feeling accomplished… so maybe that’s why lots of people like it… face challenges and conquer it… ahh.. it’s getting late… can’t really think/type properly any more… wanted to write something more philosophical.. explaining how maybe people like doing things they are good at… rather than people are good at what they like… and do a psychological analysis of why humans like sports and all that crap (i know.. i know.. i’m full of crap…=P).. but can’t gather what i wanted to say.. so i give up….
to conclude… try rock climbing!…lol

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