Is what you watch on BBC or CNN the truth? — about Xizang (tibet)

found this on someone’s livespaces, these less biased videos are from the westerners themselves… but not totally unbiased… the west has this hatred towards communism deep rooted in them… and why is that? BRAINWASH!! i’ve always wondered.. if the US is really free… why can’t people become citizens if they are ever so slightly involved w/ communist parties? you could say a certain country’s implementation of communism is bad, but how is communism bad overall???
I appologize for generalizing… of course not all westerners are equally brainwashed… some more so than others… and i’m glad that some are able to keep an open mind to see things in a truer light… and really there’s no particular person to blame.. i’m sure people don’t want to be biased and unjust on their own.. it’s just that the up bringing and the environment has a great impact on our views….

Is what you watch on BBC or CNN the truth? — about Xizang (tibet)

Some Western Political Researcher’s view on Tibet



Penn and Teller explain why the Dalai Lama sucks ass


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