Truth of the riot in TIbet (a real letter from someone)

 Here’s something else i’ve found:

Fw: Subject: Truth of the riot in TIbet

Date: Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 11:39 AM

Hello all,

Sorry for the spam, but I do plead you to take a few minutes to read this mail.

Last Friday When I landed London Heathrow airport, I got a phonecall from my Tibetan friend in Lhasa telling me that the protests in Tibet has turned into ugly violence. There were attacks on non-Tibetan ethnic groups (Han and Islam), rioting, burning and looting on March 14, only coupla days after I left Tibet. I could hardly believe what I heard.

Once I got home, I turned on TV and BBC was reporting the "Riot in Tibet". I connected to internet, the news was on the front page of almost every major western media’s website. However, what I found bizzar was that when they talk about Tibet, the pictures they were showing were apparently taken in Nepal. How can I be sure of that? I’ve been to Nepal. Although some of the Naplises do look similar to Chinese, their policemen’s uniform is definitely different from that of the Chinese policemen.

I called another friend of mine in Tibet. He is a Tibetan owning a tea house that I frequented when I was in Lhasa. He told me that I was lucky for having left Lhasa, as those protesters were attacking people on the street like wild dogs. He was even blaming the policemen for not taking any actions against those protesters!

For those who’re fooled by the media just like I was, please watch this video titled "Riot in Tibet: True face of western media"

For those who doubt about the fact that Tibet is an unalienable part of China, please watch the video titled: "Tibet WAS,IS,and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China"

Thank you for having taken some time read this email and watched the two videos.

Peace and love!

(P.S: I apologize for the obscenity used in the second video. It is against my original cause of calling for more understanding on the Tibetan issue of China. Please do ignore the annoying part and be more sensitive to the facts stated in the video.


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