movie weekend…

wow… i’ve never seen so many movies in one weekend..
wall-e.. and now Hancock and Hellboy II…
Hancock is pretty awesome =D… i liked it a lot as well… I think some might find the plot a bit cheesy, and unrealistically opptimistic… but i’m a sucker for movies like that… Like I’ve said before (elsewhere)… there’s enough bad things in the real world.. i want my movies to have perfect people, perfect world and perfect endings =)  I usually dislike super hero movies, except for x-men… i think now hancock is a 2nd exception… cause he’s different, he is hancock in everyday life, and he is still hancock when he’s saving the world… none of that double identity crap… kinda dissapointed that he got a superhero unform in the end though… he conformed!!!  i have to admit the ending was a bit forced.. but hey… anything for a happy ending! =D And damn Will Smith is HOT 😉  lol…  plus I like the way he murmurs "oh shit" …. oh… and the movie is quite funny… LOL kind of funny too! ok… don’t wanna get your hopes up too high… else, you’ll be dissapointed.. so don’t take my words…
and interestingly, hellboy’s favorite phrase is "oh crap"…. but hellboy was hell… two thumbs down…. plot is pretty bad… there’s not much value to the movies besides tons of fighting scenes… it’s got a couple humorous parts… but over all… not worth seeing i think…. just a lot of silliness… I could see the story as a good comic for kids.. but as a movie.. no can do… I like the main actress’s haircut though.. hehe

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