Celebration time, come on!

arg… can’t get to xanga from china.. =(… i guess live spaces will have to do…
=D but omg… Obama is elected!!!! YAY! Regreting that I missed the excitment of the moment.  When I heard the news, I felt more butterflies in my stomache than when i first landed in HK… (good butterflies of course Wink ) I’m so proud that US is going to have it’s first non-white president… although I was just as looking forward to having the first female president… Tongue out  But yeah… poor obama… there’s so much mess to clean up.. hopefully he will not let us down..

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One Response to Celebration time, come on!

  1. Lerry says:

    How are yo udoing in CHina? Don’t forget to get your fancy badminton racket~

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