HK was definitely an interesting place. What impressed me the most though is its public transit system. It’s so convenient to go anywhere. The subway has clear signs to point you to the major landmarks, and the trains have a electronic map that signals where you are and where you are going. I was able to get around without getting lost at all with a simple free tourist map. (and for those of you who know me… you’d know how amazing it is for Lan not to be lost). There’s also this card called 八达通, that works on any public transportation, that was exactly what I wanted in san jose in the old days before i had a car to drive. What puzzles me though is, things are sooo expensive in HK. Pretty much equivalent to US, and sometimes more. I wonder how much people make in HK. A bottle of water is 20 HKD, 油条is 15HKD….The flight to HK was painful… 14:40 hrs!!!! >.< Got very restless. The first day that i was there (Monday), it felt very dead… there were barely anyone on the streets, perhaps b/c it was rainy… felt a little strange because i had thought there were tons of people in HK…. then comes tuesday and wednesday, there were swarms of people all over… What bothered me though is that nothing opens till 10am there!!!! w/ the jet lag and everything, I woke up EARLY! 3am 1st day, 5 2nd day, 6am 3rd day… had to stroll the streets several hours before being able to see anything. I stayed at the Mirador Mansion… one of those old tall buildings w/ moled inner walls… There are residents, and many hostles within it. Each hostel varies, some are crappy and others are more luxurious. it wasn’t till the day that I left, did i see a sign next to the elevator that says, elevator operates 6am to 10pm… felt relieved that i got back before 10pm the previous days, i certainly wouldn’t know how i would have made it up 16 floors by stairs. Too bad it was cloudy all 3 days, pictures didn’t come out well. will try to post sometimes soon hopefully. Oh! and the grannies in their 50’s in small shops are so mean! =(  most likely because i couldn’t speak cantonese… the younger generations are more friendly.

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6 Responses to HK

  1. Dennis says:

    hahah that sounds like HK alright! very fast paced… there are places open late… but they’re kinda shady, so ru glad u booked the hotel before arriving? =P

  2. Michael says:

    sounds like you are having a lot of fun….can’t wait to go back to HK and visit mainland too!!!!

  3. jing says:

    hehe, you went for business trips?

  4. yi says:

    After these years in US, the one ablility I lose is climing stairs.

  5. Cindy says:

    mwahahaha… HK is expensive, but tons of people wouuld die to live there. =)

  6. Ying says:

    what!油条 was 6 HKD in the place i ate last night!next time you should come w/ me!

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