why o why do i have to put a title??!!!

One of the biggest reasons that i’ve been so wanting to go back to China for a visit is I wanted to see the life I had missed by coming to the U.S. Have I found out? maybe… In the worse case scenerio, I’d be an elementary school teacher just like my parents, which wouldn’t be too bad actually, except for the pay. It would definitely pay enough to live comfortably, but not luxuriously. It’d also probably mean i’m locked into being a teacher for the rest of my life. In a better case scenerio, I’d go to 厦大, and perhaps takes up finance, and might have trouble finding a job at graduation, but there will be a greater potential if things do work out. I don’t think I would have gotten into the field of computer or IT. So am I better off right now in the US, i don’t know… I guess time will tell.  I do know however, it would have been much much better off for my parents to have stayed. They would have been able to retire a lot earlier, 55/60 (women/men) with a full pay. They would have had a paid off condo, with a lot better job and a lot better salary.  I certainly hope their sacrifices would really pay off in the long run. And all the pressure is on me… T.T…. (to clarify though, they are not putting any pressure on me… but i myself feel guilty and is feeling the pressure to make up for what they had lost.) I couldn’t believe how rich people (baby boomer generation at least) have gotten in Changle, 每家每户盖着小洋楼, 或把单元房装修得富丽堂皇的. 在街上听到一个女推销员对她的同事说, "真是的… 我们本地人都不闲贵, 那些外国客倒闲贵了…" 不过消费是真的很贵啊!! 吃的还算便宜… 不过穿的和用的就很离谱了. 以前, 一件衣服叫价200元, 也许60元就能买下… 现在同一件衣服叫价300, 不讲价, 幸运的话可以打个9.5折… 晕啊…. 再加上现在美金只值6.8人民币, 300/6.8=$44.12… 我这还不如在美国买呢!! 不过至少现在不用讲价了… I’m worried for the younger generation though, job opportunities are hard to come by… enough blabbering for tonight… night!

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2 Responses to why o why do i have to put a title??!!!

  1. Cindy says:

    人要往前看,做好决定的事就不要后悔啦 =)as long as you are happy, i’m sure your parents are happy. Even if you stayed, you never know – things could have gone wrong! =) 好好努力吧

  2. Lan says:

    agreed… but it wasn’t a choice i made… the choice was made for me… and i’m not regreting… just worrying that i won’t live up to my expectations… plus i don’t really know what my expectations are exactly… lol… complicated!!!

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