7 lbs

Just finished watching Seven Pounds…. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a really low score (28%)… but I’m glad I didn’t believe it. This is a supurb movie, great acting, excellent story line, and very touching… I guess people giving it low scores just don’t know how to appreciate it… Through out the movie, it keeps you guessing, "what’s going on? What’s Ben trying to do?"  then towards the end, it hits.. and it’s like… "o..m…g…."  Tim… T.T
while watching the movie… the character will smith plays totally reminds me of Tony Leung’s characters in 花样年华and 无间道…. the type of characters that makes you want to take them in your arms and tell them everything will be okay.

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One Response to 7 lbs

  1. Lerry says:

    Glad you liked it~ ^^I haven’t watched it yet~

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