on “sacrificing for the greater good”

back in high school, i applied for a summer medical program for high school students at standford… not that i’m insterested in medical stuff, but just thought it would be cool to have it on my record.. =P ….. but i didn’t get into the program…. i think one of the reason that i didn’t get in was my answer to a hypothetical quesiton….
all the applicants had to sit around a table, and we were asked a hypothetical question. the hypothetical situation is, if you know of a person who carries the cure to an incurable virus, but you’d have to kill that person to get the cure, and you can’t let the person know why you’re killing him/her, nor can you tell him/her that you’re killing him/her at all. Would you kill the person to get the cure? and how many people need the cure be able to save for you to kill him/her. Some people said they’d kill to save 100 lives, some said they’d kill to save any life, and some said thousands. My answer was a purely NO. strangely, everyone else was given a chance to explain their answer. But when I gave my "NO", they didn’t even hear me out, they immediately skiped to the next person.  I guess i’m really not doctor material after all, not that i cared.  But I’m bothered that they didn’t hear me out… so i’ll give my reason here after 7+ years.. lol…
I think any life is valuable, it’s not fair to rob one person of his/her life without him/her knowing it. one life is just as valuable as a thousand lives. It’s one thing to tell the person, and let him/her decide for him/herself if he/she is willing to sacrifice his/her life to save others, but to take it by force is purely wrong. who made us god to decide who gets to live and who gets to die??!!!
this piece of memory popped back into my mind because I was discussing w/ a friend the movie "the Assembly". I think it’s indecent for the commander to have not kept his words, and abandoned 九连to die without notifying them at all… Even though I understand his decision was out of the sake of the greater good, I still do not agree w/ the decision. If you want people to sacrifice their lives for the greater good, they at least deserve to know that they are being sacrificed. 

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2 Responses to on “sacrificing for the greater good”

  1. Dennis says:

    wow…whatever happened to the hippocratic oath…but maybe since you answered simply no, it tells them exactly what your moral base is, whereas people who give any other answer needs to explain more precisely where their boundaries/limits are in what they consider ethicalor….maybe you just didn’t pass the drug test =p

  2. Lan says:

    lol… yeah.. i think it was the drug test too.. 😉 *shhh*

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