I swear, Jack

I pondered about this last line in the movie. "I swear, Jack".  What does Ennis mean by that?

I swear I will love and remember you forever Jack.
I swear that if I had a 2nd chance, I would choose to live with you on our own little Ranch, Jack.
I swear Jack, I have no idea I was not going to be able to see you again. Else, I would have gave up my work to see you in August.
I swear Jack, you are and will be the only true love I’ll ever have.
I swear Jack, I despise this society for tearing us apart.
I swear Jack, I had no idea that you felt so strongly about me like I of you.

yes, I finally saw Brokeback Mountain.  superb movie! I always refuse to read or watch the same thing twice. yet, after watching this movie, I have the urge to watch it again. one of the reasons why I like it so much is because it’s 人物描写很细腻…. the first thought that came to me while watching the movie was, "what the heck are 2 extremely cute cowboys doing herding sheep??!!" then i realized… maybe that’s really what cowboys do.  I’ve always had the impression from media that cowboys are meant for rodeoing, fighting indians, looking macho and cool…

The other main reason why I like it so much is because it’s a dipiction of pure love. What they have between them is irreplacable. Another thing that struck me was how "macho" both Ennis and Jack seemed. Many times, the word homosexuality is associated with feminism. But it’s not so between them at all… There’s no clear indication whom takes upon more of the male role, and whom the female role. Although if you really HAVE to type cast, Ennis is a little more "male".

and yes, superb acting from both actors… but when anne hathaway’s face showed up, i almost throw up… somehow i’ve grew appalled by that actress’s face. I know it’s kinda mean… but seriously… she has such strange facial features… and it is awfully unpleasant to my eyes… and poor Jack….. and Ennis… and poor Ennis wife too…

The movie really makes you think, why can’t 2 people who loves eachother so much be together? How can love as beautiful as this be shameful, sinful and illegal??

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