Songs that make my heart ache…

I think live spaces has become like my multi-media sharing blog.. =P
#3… hehe.. no idea why i listed my preference in reverse order…
#2! =D
#1!!! =D
Honestly, this is not a sad song.. no idea why it makes my heart ache… maybe because of the melody or that it’s touching… i’ve also been wondering.. all the other songs sing of "爱你", yet, this one sings of "爱我"…. quite weird… then i thought… maybe it’s because "爱你" is already a unchanging fact, and it’s saying I only want to be loved by you?
#0 extra one..
actually this following one doesn’t quite make it on my heartache list… i guess the lyrics are sad enough, but the melody is not sad enough… I’m including it anyways because i love the song cause of its title 😉  and I just realized that there is "岚" in the lyric.. for the longest time I thought it was only in title, and that totally didn’t make sense… cause one of the mtv’s in the karaoke place had "风一样的爱" instead of "岚一样的爱"… now i know it really is "岚", cause I heard him sang it!!! =D

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