想必大家都知道virginia tech 的事了…. it totally reminds me of a childhood incident… back when i was in 3rd or 4th grade… i was out on 我家阳台… 对面屋顶上出现了一个小伙子 (it’s a 2 story concrete building with a flat roof)… 可能二十多岁… 他看起来狼狈不堪… he had slit his throat and wrists, and there’s blood on his shirt. The cuts weren’t too deep, but you see a streak of blood across the neck and wrists…. the owner of the house came up to the roof and started talking to him, "小弟, 你快下来, 有话慢慢说…"… but when he opened his mouth, all that came out of his mouth was, "啊…啊…" (probably because of the slit throat) He kept on crying, shaking his head, and backing away….. He backed to the edge of the roof, reached in his pockets and pulled out a few bills and some coins and threw them all down the building… my dad saw what was happening and called me in and told me to stay in…. after a while I heard some yelling and a gun shot and that was it…
Apparantely, after I went back in, the police came. The police asked him to come down, but he threw bricks down at the police officers. One of the officers was hit, they fired at him, and he fell off the roof…  it wasn’t till later did I hear the full story…
The guy is a 外乡人… in my hometown there were alot of workers from 四川.. we called them 四川仔…. They are usually poor, so they traveled out of their hometown to make a living…  He had a girlfriend whom after using up all his savings, wanted to break up. Then that day, he tracked her down, and out on the street, he grabbed onto her pony tail and cut her head off with a kitchen knife… after the head came off, he threw it several yards away… and perhaps out of guilt, he went over, picked it back up and placed it closer to her body… he then ran into a park and climbed onto my neighbor’s roof… probably tried to kill himself on the way by slitting himself.
=( no matter what the reason is… it’s wrong to kill… but at the same time, i couldn’t help feeling sorry for him… thinking about what harsh conditions could have driven him to kill and to feel that there’s no other way to continue his life… i wondered if he had mental illnesses, and if a psychologist would have helped to calm him, steer him away from hurting others and himself… it made me think, is he really "evil", or can anyone under certain circumstances and through certain experiences inevitabily turn into a killer….
also… how the heck can someone be butchered in public?! what’s everyone doing? just watching on like watching a tv show? i guess in situations like this, one can’t help but fear for his/her own life… but if everyone had worked together, i don’t see how many people can’t get one person under control, or at least try to take the weapon away from him….
I don’t know the story behind the current VT incident…. but there are tragedies happening every day… what can be done to prevent them?

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