The Shawshank Redemption/Slumpdog Millionair

– thoughts to come –
The Shawshank Redemption
对不起各位了… 俺不写了… 太懒了…. all in all…. superb movie…  now i know where Prison Break got its idea from. the warden is such a hypocrite… holding bible in one hand, and gun in the other… ehh…. hmm…. i guess i am writting something after all… since i’m already here… lol… -_-|||||| I wonder… what does 30 years of imprisonment do to a person.. is the movie accurate in protraiting being "institutionized"? while watching it… it actually doesn’t look too bad being in prision… worry free life with food to eat, books to read, people to play with, movie to watch, work to do… except for the beating/bullying/and being forced upon of course… =P  it was kind of symbolic how andy crawl through 500 yards of shit to escape the prison, then the rain washed him clean when he was out of sewage… also we tend to think of prisoners as monsters, yet in the movie, it showed the humane side of them… Red, Heywood, Brooks… although convicted for murders, they seemed like decent fellows, in fact, they are the heroes of the movies… the prison guards and warden turned out to be the villains…. in real life though, are the prison guards that brutal and heartless? i guess in someways, they have a learn to protect themselves against a group of roudy criminals, plus with all that power in their hands, it’s possible that they do treat the prisoners like worthless dispendable lowlives…. power is a scary thing, it could change a person in ways unimagined…. so does taking away freedom from the prisoners change them? is the imprisonment system a good way to change the prisoners for the good? or do we just want them locked away so they can no longer cause chaos in the society? but if it’s the latter, why is there parole? to save some tax $$? 
Slumpdog Millionair
A british film about a boy who grew up in the slumps in India. Great storyline… although i don’t appreciate the switching back and forth between the gameshow and the boy’s life story… it makes sense logically, matching the boy’s background to the questions he’s able to answer on the gameshow… but visually it’s confusing as hell… and make the movie very scrambled… it is definitely an interesting filming technique though, just wish there are more visual ques between the present and the past… It’s a very touching story, sad yet funny… every time I feel my eyes swelling up w/ tears, something funny happens or is said… then i end up laughing instead.. lol… so i ended up coming out of the theather feeling neither too sad nor too happy.. haha… kinda cool how the emotions balanced out, but somehow unsatisfying…  it might have been better if there are greater intervals between sad and funny parts… so the audience could have time to really let their emotions out.. =P  or maybe it’s just me….. I really appricated the bollywood dancing at the end with the scrolling credit though, very unexpected and fun.. one of the few movies that i stayed through credit. Was telling my Indian officemate about the film, and he said that there is actually poor places like that in India, and that the children playing the characters are actually from the slump! but anyways… i guess one of the reason why this is a good film is because it really tried to show the life of a slumpdog, and gave the viewers a different yet real side of India. It also had the classic theme of having dreams and hope… sad that the brother died though.. ok… i’m starting to babble again.. means time to stop writing…
omg… how did i go from feeling lazy and not wanting to write anything to writting 2 full paragraphs??!! >.<
next on to watch list: schindler’s list
trying to catch up on all the classic movies… hmm… somehow i don’t feel too strongly about "The Godfather"… watched the first one, and half of 2nd one back in college… it wasn’t bad.. but didn’t leave a great impression of it for some reason.. it’s suppose to be the best film of all times right? maybe i’ll rewatch it sometime and see if i feel differently about it…

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