Chinese New Year Parade

Went to the SF Chinese New Year parade today =)…. Last time i went was back in high school, and i couldn’t really see much because it was so crowded. This time though, we were able to squeeze to the front of the crowd and get a pretty good view of the parade…. one of the things that made the parade totally worth while was seeing Mayor Gavin Newsom in person!! =D 好帅啊!! (<— 又犯花痴了)… 真后悔没勇气把手伸出, 跟他握个手, 哈哈… but besides that, it was definitely warm and fuzzy feeling the chinese new year atmosphere again… I really missed it in all these years i’ve been in america. it was quite touching seeing people of all races sharing the joy of the spring festival. I was quite suprised how together the parade was, and how fancy some of the floats are. I don’t think it used to be this big/good. Hopefully it will keep on improving, and be able to 媲美the NY Christmas parades.. =P  haha… and so many cute little kids in the parade… and there I go again, imagining if I had a kid, he/she would be participating in the parade.. and i would be on the side, shouting… "宝宝, 你最棒!"…. 哈哈.. hopefully that’s not too embarrassing for him/her…. and i got to play with one small firework… miss the good old days when i got to 放烟花every new year… 真的是久违了….

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