so… i’ve been WongFu stalking on the web the past week… yes… WongFu… remember them? The 3 asian dorks (i meant it in a good way ;-D ) from UCSD? Yellow Fever, "白人看不懂" shirt, Nice Guy, those hilarious and touching videos and mtvs?! Yes, those videos that you were watching the night before finals instead of studying… remember now? well… i certainly had forgotten them!!. After college, I totally forgot about their existence… until a week ago, i found out they are still at it, and WongFu production had became their full time job! There are even more great videos. I’m glad they are persistent in doing what they love, and rep asian americans in the entertainment industry. Not sure how successful they will eventually become, but they are definitely making an impact. What’s special about them is that they are your every day people just like me and you, telling stories that we can all relate to in creative and sometimes humorous manners. Best of luck to them.
Don’t know if anyone has seen their featured film "A moment with you" yet.  I think i’ll go and buy a copy, to show my support… hehe…
Here’s their newest short film "Up In Da Club"
and you can watch Part 4 at their website:

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  1. Dennis says:

    hahah.. LEGOs FTW!!

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