The Tragedy of Pier 39

so for being such a remote team, everyone at work feels that the team is loosing synergy, and management felt that we need something fun we can do together for team building… and this is what someone came up w/… everyone gets to write 2 sentences to continue the story, but they only get to see the previous 2 sentences.. and this is what we ended up with… hope you enjoy the story, and get a laugh off of it… and if you are wondering to yourself… "sooo… this is what you ibmers do at work… "…. unfortunately… yes… lol…. (my sentence is bolded.. and yes.. could i be more boring? but i had no idea who Thelma and Louise were, and why in the crazy world would they be associated with donkeys… i need to go watch that movie… in hopes of getting rid of my american culture iliteracy)

The Tragedy of Pier 39

As I was paddling my car through the tunnels of Venice, I noticed a monkey with a 40 foot fishing pole sitting on the dock.  He said, "Where did you get that elephant?"
I answered, "From the trunk, but I have no idea why he’s got on the tutu and toe shoes." The monkey shook his head while reeling in and commenting to the world in general, "There ain’t no justice." 
Disgusted he walked down the hall, out the door into the bright sunshine. He smelled the alluring aroma of bacon coming from the main tent.
He looked around for his wife, checking to see if she would notice, and dashed off to the tent. He entered the tent with his wallet in hand and eyes glazed over from the heat coming out of the roaster.
Then his mind began to grow foggy, from the intense melange of scents from the crowd and from the cutting odors rising like the updrafts of hell from the roaster, so much that he began to stagger a bit as he clutched that wallet like a talisman held high to ward off evil and then, slowly forgetting about his wife and then even more slowly forgetting why he entered the tent in the first place, he peered left and right as he steadily slogged forward through the tent, looking for someone or even something that he could recognize while beginning to wonder, just a bit, about why his thoughts were beginning to run on so long and then, as he considered his predicament through the fog, he started to worry about how he would ever, in the name of despairing English teachers everywhere, end this run-on sentence, and even as he did so, another striking, startling thought stumbled unbidden into his mind and he stopped. Thankfully.
It dawned on him that he had been to this foggy place before in another time and place where nothing really mattered. Then suddenly he was overcome by a strange feeling to break out into song.
Resisting the weird feeling that was compelling him to sing, he decided to shave off his head instead. But since it was too foggy there for him to see his face, he jumped on his horse and headed off towards sunny California.
He stopped in Las Vegas for a drink and headed on to the Grand Canyon.  Seeing a slight gap he leapt off, falling for miles and yelling Yahoo all the way down. 
He could see the trail of donkeys far below.  He thought to himself  "Wow.  Thelma and Louise". 
There on the backs of two donkeys were Thelma and Louise, singing "Sweet Home Alabama".  He turned his horse around, and rode downhill.
And as luck would have it, his horse had cataracts and never saw the cliff.  Thelma and Louise were eternally grateful, albeit somewhat confused.

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  1. Lerry says:

    wahahahaha…..good one!!!

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