snowboarding 101

since i did a post on skiing… i felt obligated to do one on snowboarding too =)
actually snowboarding lessons are not as interesting as skiing lessons… no heuristics like, french fries, pizza, child-proof caps so on… maybe snowboaring is more about feeling the board, and becoming one w/ it…
order to learning the Lan way (aka the lame, slooow and safe way)
1. board perpendicular to slope on heel edge and break it all the way down
2. slowly try to give it a little angle and go from side to side on heel edge
3. practice falling leaf so you’re totally comfortabe w/ your heel edge
4. go straight down hill and practice breaking w/ your heel edge
5. repeat 1-4 w/ your toe edge
6. carve slowly… go down on your heel edge, then turn on heel edge to flat out to almost a stop then let your board parallel to slope, and switch edge… then go on your toe edge, and turn on toe edge to almost a stop, then turn your board to parallel, switch edgee and repeat..
7….. can’t really tell you much more.. cause that’s how far i’ve gotten… -_-|||  hehe… i’m hoping if you start doing 6 many many times.. .you’ll start feeling it, and turn more naturally and w/o having to slow to a stop…
here are some tips…  actually the tips are more on how not to fall… lol… I really doubt people are going to read the jibberish.. haha.. i’m not sure if this is helpful at all either… if you don’t wanna read, then my tip is
just get out there and fall and learn! but of course be safe 😉 and get yourself a helmet!
0. all beginners are confused if they are regular (left feet forward) or goofy(right feet forward)… some say get a friend to push you, which ever feet steps forward is the feet that leads. Some say the stronger feet should lead… i say screw all that… just pick a side, and as you start going down slopes, you will start realizing that it’s easier on one feet than the other.. but in the end it doesn’t really matter anyways because you’re suppose to learn both anyways…
1. put your weight on your leading feet… IMPORTANT… otherwise.. you will FAAAALLLL….. it’s actually very unintuitive and scary to shift your weight toward the leading feet when you’re heading down hill… cause your intuition tell you to stay close to the hill where you’re safe.. but that’s WRONG… you need more weight on your leading feet so you have control of your board.. otherwise, your board will go one way, and your body the other… to conquer this fear see pt 2.
2. on shallow slopes, practice having your board parallel to the slope, and just going straight and get use to the speed a little, and try to put your weight on your leading feet instead of leaning back towards the hill… so yeah… speeding up is fun.. but how do you stop… see pt 3
3. practice your heel edge… for most people, heel edge is easier than toe edge… so get good at breaking on heel edge… so if you ever feel like you’re loosing control.. you can comfortably break…
4. when learning to carve, DON’T try to change edge too early… wait till your board is parallel to the slope.. otherwise you’ll FAAALLL.. HARD!! as beginners.. one fear is having your board paralle to the slope, cause that’s when you start to accelerate… and many times your brain freaks out and tell your feet to quickly switch edge and find your comfort zone.. don’t listen!! if you’re afraid of the speed.. then turn and wait for your board to be perpendicular to the slope and you’ve slowed to almost a stop, then slowly turn around and wait for the board to be parallel to slope…
5. when your board is parallel to the slope and you are trying to go straight… don’t try to be on heel or toe edge.. you’ll FAALLL… it will makes sense if you think about physics… just relax and let your board lie flat… if you do decide to turn, then get on an edge, then your body will be ready for it…
6. try not to fall downhill… it hurts!!! always try to fall towards the hill if you have a choice.. =P
7. it’s not so much about how hard you put pressure on the edge of the board, but more about the angle of the board to the hill… so lean your body and use your ankles!!

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  1. Michael says:

    wow…you need to teach me 🙂

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