Fast and Furious

who wouldn’t like a movie filled with hot rods, hot girls, speed, explosions and car wrecks right? Wink Shallow… yes! but fun to watch Tongue out  maybe because it’s not realistly possible (at least for most people), so all we can do is to experience it through the movie…
Anyways.. my number one comment is Dom Toretto has got to the epitome of the word "macho"! from voice to body to personality. He’s got physical power, yet not dumb like Linc (Dominic Purcell) from prison break.. He’s got mental power, always appearing calm and collected, like he’s always in control… and he’s got that endearing soft spot inside of him, what he feels for Letty …. and the code that he lives by makes him heroic even though he’s up to illegal deeds.
and Jordana Brewster (playing Dom’s sister) is such a horrible actress!!!! O…M…G…. ok.. so she’s gorgeous… but wth?!
And like usual… why doesn’t the girls get to have any action? Letty had a bit of action early on in the movie, but that was it. I know I ‘ve made this comment before for Tokyo Drift… but i had to complain again… the only role girls play in these movies is to look pretty, show lots of skin, shake their booties and squeal…. I honestly don’t appreciate the sexual objectification of females in these type of movies, and in hip hop…
I do like however that there’s some incorporation of asians in the movie, i.e. the women fbi agent that runs finger prints, and Han (although he has such a small role)… hehe… and i have to say Han sorta looks like KevNish from FM.
there were some humor in the movie as well, although i didn’t get some of it since it’s referencing the previous movies. One line that I got a kick out of though is about the fortune cookie… a character in the movie (probalby korean) said, "it’s korean, not chinese!" (inside joke)
And kudos to Justin Lin =), the Director of the movie. He was also the director for "Better Luck Tomorrow"… a shocking film that is very worth watching..
to conclude.. i need to watch the 1st two fast and furious movies. and i want to eventually learn how to drive a stick shift, hopefully…. and hopefully i will have a sports car to drive someday…. too bad i wouldn’t be able to crash it like in the movies… and arg… i wish there are no speed limits (maybe not a good idea.. lol.. i know i can speed responsibly… not sure about other people =P)… mr. police officer… i can use my own good judgement, thank you! I hate it when the police gives you a ticket and then pretends that they actually care about your safety, when in reality they just have a quota to meet…

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One Response to Fast and Furious

  1. Di says:

    get a stick car, and learn it, that’s what I did. Start with a cheap one first and make that your only car. I didn’t know you were into those things. hehe.

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