X – marks the spot!

…. that was awesome!! =D Trying to find better words to describe how awesome it was, but couldn’t… all i can say is my heart is still beating fast from it… haha… Did I go skydiving? no… not yet… haha… just got back from X-men Origin. I was soooo disappointed by X-III, it had so much of that characters coming back from the dead crap, and it’s really more of the same things from I, and II.  But I had to go see this one since it’s on wolverine… and boy do I not regret it….

————–Spoilers contained——————–
The pleasant suprise in the movie is — Daniel Henney!!!! when i saw that name in the opening, I was like, Daniel Henney?? really??? the korean actor Daniel Henney, or just someone with the same name? and guess what!!! is it THE Daniel Henney!!! but yeah, in the first 15 min of the movie, Daniel Henney totally took the spotlight away from Hugh Jackman!! Too bad he is playing the bad guy.. and too bad he died, so probably (and hopefully) we’re not going to see him in any more x-men movies, but i certainly hope we get to see more of him in Hollywood… does anyone not agree that he is HOT??!! lol…  (<— ok..there goes shallow lan again)

ok.. so i got sidetracked a bit… but Hugh Jackman is still THE man!! =D LA and I mutually agreed that Logan is PERFECT!!.. haha.. another highlight of the movie is seeing him running naked across the field…  what a body right!? but thank god nothing inappropriate is shown… this is rated PG13 after all.. haha… ok, so below this superficial attempt to show off his body, there is actually somewhat of a symbolic meaning to it. It’s almost saying that he is reborn, back to that infant state of being uncovered. Also it ties back to when he fled from his house when he was a boy. Both flees indicate the start of a new life… I liked how easily Logan trusted Kayla again after her betrayal (of course involuntary from her part)… so sweet when he reached his hands out to her to show his forgiveness. What makes the character, wolverine, even more attractive, besides his physical appearance and his power, is his good heart… he was made an animal, but his heart is more gentle than anyone’s… his only flaw i’d say is his hot temper. A lot of times, he lets his emotion take over, and don’t always use his better judgment. He definitely does not stay cool and in control like Dom from F&F, but strangely that makes him all the more attractive… it’s strange how in these movie, the number one thing these “heroic” men (i.e. Logan and Dom) seem to fight for is their women… but in reality… it doesn’t always happen… i guess that’s why fictions are called fictions… (x-men origin is much much better than f&f btw, even though i’m relating the two. f&f was fun to watch but doesn’t leave you that WOW feeling). Another element that complements Logan’s “perfectness” is his sufferings and pains. He is strong, but you see that he has locked up the vulnerable side of him. It makes him more human, and draws sympathy from the audience, leaves you the feeling that he needs love, and that he needs to be comforted and nurtured.

Down side of the movie i’d say is there is not enough play on emotion. It’s very action oriented… but to some people that’s probably an upside. But the 3 incidents (when Logan killed his dad as a kid, when he thought kayla was dead, and when that old couple who treated him like a son died) totally could have made the audience tear up, but they didn’t. The movie moved on quickly from those scenes showing anger and violence as a resolution. but then i guess the movie was not made to be a tear-jerker. =P Other downside is parts of the movie had bad cgi, things looked fake and you can totally tell it’s computer generated.

And i’m still pissed off at Kayla. “Walk until you bleed… Then walk some more.” WTH???!!!! What a waste of her powers! She is so retarded and full of BS… all that if i kill you, i’ll be just like you crap.. hellooooo?!!!! who do you think you are? a saint? you let a monster live to ruin more people’s lives… but then again.. if Stryker died, there will be no more stories to keep us entertained…But i appreciated how she didn’t use her powers on Logan, which can be seen through the scene where Logan almost got in a fight w/ two man who blocked the road with their cars. Also kinda interesting how Weapon XI came back alive after the credits.. LA didn’t like it.. but i guess i’m okay w/ it. Even though i hate people coming back alive plots, Wade is a funny character, i’d like to see more of him. I just hope he got his conscience back and is not controlled by Stryker any more in the upcoming movie, but i doubt it… sighs.

oh! and let’s not forget about Sabertooth… although a villain, i liked that character a lot…. somehow lan’s is drawn to psychologically troubled characters… psychotic right??!! >.< It’s just that I sense he got to be how he is (thirst for blood) because of all the trauma he went through in his childhood… I totally understand how he felt abandoned when wolverine left him… he is insecure, wanting to be the strongest, when in reality he is very much vulnerable, needing love from his brother. I see that he cares for wolverine very much. Although he treats Wolverine badly, and is always talking about killing him, he always manages to save wolverine in times of danger… “We’re brothers, we stick together no matter what.” Hope he turns good eventually, but have a feeling that he’ll probably die in the upcoming movie, that’s probably why we didn’t see him in the trilogy.

anyways.. there goes another movie i wouldn’t mind re-watching… in fact… now i really want to read the comic!

i had so many thoughts running through my head while watching the movie.. but can’t remember them all… which is a good thing perhaps… otherwise, not sure how much longer this is going to be… =P


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