for all you Trekkies out there

yep =) saw Star Trek the movie… another 2 thumbs up. so many good movies out this spring/summer… I have to admit Hollywood’s doing a pretty good job w/ the movies compared to the chinese movie industry.. =P
And yes, it’s another action pact movie. Red heartSpock! =D  Like his struggle between logic and emotion. he’s the actor playing Sylar from Heroes!!! Really liked Sylar as well, although he is antagonist. Sylar’s another psychologically troubled antagonist who walks an ambiguious line between evil and good. Anyways.. Zachary Quinto, the actor playing these 2 characters has such pretty eyes and lashes… It was also a pleasure seeing John Cho (Harold from white catsle) in the movie =).  And in case you’re wondering… no.. i don’t care for James Kirk…. another wreckless, overly confident smart-mouth kid who needs to grow up that the american public seems to love (i.e. the new 007 Daniel Craig, ironman.. although i liked iron man in the 2nd half of the movie, he got to be a lot more mature).  I’d actually much rather have Spock be the captain!  At least Uhura is going w/ Spock… i’d be pissed if they try pairing up Uhura w/ Kirk…. He’s so undeserving…
There were actually a lot of things i didn’t get from the movie since i never watched Star Trek before, but the movie was never the less very enjoyable. It seems like they always sprinkle in some humor in action movies these days, probably to help give the audience a break and lighten up the mood a little. Also, things seem to work a little too perfectly in the movie.. =P  people get beamed out just in time, things somehow all work magically, and everything goes according to plan.. but hey… it’s a movie… and i’m a sucker for happy endings.. so can’t compalin… But yeah, the movie actually got me interested in the tv series… but it’s got so many episodes.. i’d never be able to catch up on it…. also interested in taking astrology…. been wanting to take astro class since college, but never had the chance…
omg.. just found out that Eric Bana is Nero!!! =(  but Eric Bana in my mind is totatlly the heroic Hector from Troy!!! aww… wish he didn’t have to play an antagonist… although Nero had a reason to turn bad…
also, i felt a need to be fair for a comment i made on X-men origin… I said that in these movies, men always tend to fight for the women they love, but it doesn’t happen in reality…. but then i realized… women don’t always die for the men they love in reality either.. so i guess they’re even.. lol…

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2 Responses to for all you Trekkies out there

  1. Dennis says:

    oh man… now i just *have* to comment on this =pi guess one of the thing to keep in mind is that this film is based off the original series star trek which was produced during the 60s, so the leading white male character with lots of bravado and swagger was the standard… the series was actually progressive for its time cause it had an interracial cast of main characters (also about the uhura/kirk pair up, yeah it happens in the series 😉 which caused quite a scandal back then for an on-screen kiss by an interracial coupleand yes things work magically thanks to star trek tech – but that’s what makes it fun right?!i heard this movie was good even for non-trekkies… which is good cause it might change their opinion that star trek isn’t just for geeks, but then if they try to go back and watch the series, they might be like ‘wtf is this’ lol…

  2. Michael says:

    Lan, there is a reason why Spock becomes (became, depending on which universe you are from) Kirk’s best friend. There is more to Kirk than what he shows on the surface. On the other hand, what you said is exactly the reason why I look up to Picard not Kirk.

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