so i’ve been thinking about names for my kids…..  yeah… again… lan’s insane.. she knows… haha…
i don’t want my kids to have common names like christine, jennifer, david, winston… etc.. .(no offense to people w/ those name =)  …. A name is your identity, it should be unique… there’s billions of people on this planet, so it’s kinda impossible to find a totally unique name, but at least not one that if a space ship broadcasts to earth "will Jennifer step forward"… a hundred thousand people stand up…
So my idea is instead of using those common names which no one knows the meaning to unless you look it up in a name book… we should use normal vocabs… like the native americans… White Moon, Wandering Wolf….. except maybe not so much wild life/object related… Words i’m more thinking of are:
Liberty (a dorm mate actually had that name! Liberty Man … such a cool name.. lol)
…. more to come…
that way you could say things like, "Music, come here!"… "You rock, Life!" =D  … lol…
note: these names are now copyrighted.. no stealing allowed =D … j/k….


side note: it’s always lovely to see my coworks talk about their kids in the meetings =) …. they all sound so proud… and one common thing that I see from them is that, besides being an ibmer… their number one priority is being a dad or mom. 

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