america, you suck!

ok… so before i start.. i just want to make a disclaimer that i’m not an american idol fanatic… i do like music, and i like the show. but it’s not something that i would volunteerly follow closely if it weren’t for that team building idea my boss came up w/… the whole team is suppose to watch AI and rank the idols to get points… ibm and american idol.. yes! weird!
anyways.. the major reason why i’m here right now is i’m totally dissappointed that Adam Lambert lost… this totally reminds me of the Gore versus Bush election… lol… in conclusion, most of america is still made up of that close minded conservative population…. Adam is super talented, but he’s different.. and obviously american can’t deal w/ different…. there being talks that he’s gay, and that punk attire, black finger nail polish and black eye liners.. =P… one of the other article says that one other possible reason is that most of the voters are teen girls… that’s why more votes are for Kris, cause he’s better looking…. but honestly… Kris is not good looking… adam look 10 times better.. except that his skin looks like the face of the moon.. =P oh well… i hope adam makes it big in the industry anyways w/o the title.. and show america who’s really got it down!! =P  but i do agree, he is still a bit too theatrical, and i’m impressed w/ his screams, but he has sorta over done it.. nevertheless.. he has my full support.. lol…
Here’s something interesting… can google predict the future?  well.. obviously… it FAILED… or the analyst that’s doing the analysis failed.. =P  but itwas an interesting article to read never the less…
side note… i like the kid next door who practices piano all the time =) free concert! only upside to my house being so not sound proof…

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