up up and away…

How many people have died on Half Dome?

There have been more than 20 deaths on Half Dome itself, and if you count the trail leading up to Half Dome, the number leaps to more than 60.

People have died on Half Dome from a variety of causes: falling off the cable route, heart attacks while climbing the cables, lightning strikes, failed base jumps, climbing accidents, and even a few suicides. Most recently, a climber fell off the cables and died on June 16 of 2007. The cable route is extremely dangerous; please don’t do it unless you’re well prepared. These tips on surviving the cable ascent are a good starting point.

Deaths on the trail to Half Dome, rather than on Half Dome itself, are usually above Nevada or Vernal Falls, and usually occur when someone wades into the the water above the falls or slips off rocks into the water and gets swept away. In many cases, their bodies have never been found.



XD  why do i feel like i’m about to commit suicide??? don’t be surprised if i come back telling you i didn’t climbed the half dome (which is highly possible, cause there’s not much interest from the group i think, plus i’m not ready to die yet, maybe save it for another day-_-|||)… and don’t be surprised if i didn’t come back at all either… lol…. 

but whenever i get on the overpass while driving… i tend to imagine what happens if my car looses control and fly over the edge… and this is how i imagine my death to be. those few seconds it takes to hit the ground is going to feel like forever. i’m going to first freak out, brain go blank, then i’ll get used to the fall, and feel an overall tranquity and ultimate peace, and smile at death right in the face, then as the ground rushes towards me, and right before the impact, that extreme fear returns, followed with that excrusiating pain and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…. a state of nothingness…


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