These are sooo cute/funny.. have to read!!!

 visit these links:
 tnx to D 4 passing the link along… =)
Here are some samples:

AP testing week is rather stressful and tiring, so I asked my mom if I could take Tuesday off from school to study for the two other APs I have this week. My mom agreed to let me do so until she suddenly thought of one minor detail I seemed to have missed.

Mom: Are you sure that’s okay? Won’t they mark you retarded?
Me: … No. I think you mean tardy, Mom. D:


In the car listening to Say by John Mayer
-lyrics: Say what you need to say, say what you need to say-

Mom: Sandwich you need to say, sandwich you need to say.
Me: … Sandwich? Don’t you mean “say what you need to say?”
Me: You have to listen to it more carefully!
Mom: -turns it up louder- … SEE, IT’S SANDWICH!


I texted my dad to tell him that I was going out to lunch and then visiting my old high school since I just got back from college.

Dad: Have fun. Be careful they throw eggs at u, haha!
Dad: Did u call the housing office?
Me: Oops. I forgot.
Dad: U know who is going to throw egg now!

When he came home from work later, he came into my room and threw ping pong balls at me and said, “This time ping pong ball! Next time eggs!”


My dad and I somehow got into the topic of when girls should marry…

Me: I think about 30-ish is still ok
Dad: NO! You tell people you not married after 28, they think, “Oh, this girl no good… she’s pass expiry date!”
Me: Expiry date?!
Dad: I call it death date too


my own:

mom: 看是数?
me: huh? (一脸的困惑)
mom: 我问你英文, 看是数?
me: Constitute??
mom: no.. 我问你“看”!
me: 看不是“look”吗???
mom: 不是, 我说, “看"! 数数那个"看"!
me: -_-|||| ….. 你说"count"?!


mom: 这频道太不清晰了, 快过来帮我调一下台。。。
me: 妈。。。 你那看的那是电脑。。。。。这网站要我怎么调?



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