i miss baltimore…

strangely… ever since i visited that city 2 years ago.. i’ve been thinking about it off and on… it’s got to be my favorite city out of all the ones i visited in the US so far… reasons
1. that fish in the barnes and noble book store w/ the broken back, yet it reluntlessly tries to swim upwards. I wonder if it would still be there when i go back… i doubt it though.. =(
2. Reading the book "A Child Called It" with streaming tears right in the middle of the book store. I miss that bookstore too, it’s huge with a nice coffee shop and tables right next to all the books.
3. Or maybe it was the rain. Didn’t have an umbrella, so enjoyed my walk in the rain. I walked into a McDonalds soaking wet, with water dripping down my face, hair, clothes… I bought meal #2, and sat and watched everyone in the restaurant… I like getting soaked by the rain, because it gives a feeling that you’re free, and you don’t have anything in the world to worry about.
4. and last but not the least, the waterfront. the city is divied up by sections of water, so to get from one part to another, you have to cross several bridges in between… very poetic. Plus the city seems very much alive, but yet still calm and mellow…

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