Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity

It’s a comedy on chinese americans from 2002 led by Sandra Oh (from Grey’s Anatomy).  It’s pretty funny, chessy, but a warm story…
– a daughter trying to fix a divorced mom’s financial and love life
– an old security guard who was laid off, felt his faith in god tested
– a father who never got his dad’s approval, who also disowned his son because the son set off on his own path
– a boy who’s looking for his lost turtle
It’s got quite a few funny quotes, but only remember these vaguely…
"It’s normal. Old men like younger women, and eligible bachlors turn gay."
daughter: "am i a poser?"
mom: "no, who told you that?"
daughter: "a boy"
mom: "don’t believe what men tell you, they are all lies. He’s just trying to use you."
daughter: "He’s just a 8 year old boy."
mom: "oh."
and the title of the movie reminds me of Star Trek, "Live long and prosper"… lol.. maybe they got that from the chinese..

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