Drag Me to Hell

just saw Drag Me to Hell…. no idea why i’m watching so many movies lately… normally, i don’t watch this many.. =P … lol… but there are lots of good films out this summer… well.. i definitely wouldn’t consider "Drag Me to Hell" one of the good films, but it was entertaining to watch… and it’s just as much of a comedy as a horror movie… although the ending was sad.. =(
anyways.. the most hilarious scene was when the old gypsy lady lost her dentures when Christine stepped on the breaks in the car, and the old lady didn’t realize it, and still jumped on Christine to bite her… and she ended up gnawing on Christine’s face with her gum, and drooling all over her… it was pretty nasty.. but hillarious… anyways.. a lot of scenes are just plain gross… the scare factor not as much…  The ending was sad because Christine is a in general a pretty nice person, but she went to hell anyways.. =P  it’s strange though, she’s so mean to the old gypsy lady, even after she had died.. =P
and i’m unhappy about them using a asian actor to play that back-stabbing bastard who worked with Christine.. =P 
but i was pretty surprised (pleasant surprise =) that christine’s bf stuck w/ her all the way, i totally thought he was going to ditch her in the beginning since he didn’t believe that she was cursed.
and i sort of guessed the surprise twist in the middle.. i knew she had gotten the wrong envelope… but thought that i was wrong cause the envelope had a round thing in it. Forgot that it was the coin from beginning of the movie.
ok, that’s all.. haha.. sort of a funny dumb gross scary movie.. =P  and the moral of the story is, don’t piss off any old gypsy ladies =)… and loan officers, please be nice to your clients, give them extentions instead of forclose their homes =)

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