wrong number

L: hello
caller: may i speak to Jerry xxx
L: i’m sorry, wrong number
caller: is jerry there?
L: no such person here. you got the wrong number. *hangs up*
two seconds later… *ring*
L: helllooo? (getting the feeling that it’s the same person)
caller: may i speak to Jerry xxx?
L: again, you got the wrong number
caller: no! this isn’t the wrong number! I got it right here in front of me. (getting excited..)
L: well.. there’s no Jerry here…
caller: this is Rosxxxx’s, right?
L: no…
*long pause.. *
(i figured i’ll wait her out, so she wouldn’t call back again)
*lady finally hangs up after 10 seconds.. *
wondering if i should have replied: well, you got the number right there.. but i live right here.. so i’d know better, don’t ya think? =P

About m0untainmist

I'm awesome ;-) j/k...
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