what goes UP comes down…

so i finally attempted to go sky diving today… but it didn’t work out.. =(  after all the mental preparation i’ve given myself.. it ends up that it was too windy.. =(  over 45mph…  In some ways I’m slightly relieved.. but a lot more dissapointed…. I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time, and i thought i’d be able to get it over with today, but it didn’t happen.. =(  
I like the place, Bay Area skydiving… it’s got some pretty funny instructors… my instructor had a british accent =D  He said he was a software engineer for 20 something years, when his company decided to move to chicago, he didn’t want to move.. and took up skydiving instead… he’s been doing skydiving for 20+ years since then… that is soooo awesome!! I told him, maybe i’m gonna have a career change and become a pro skydiver instead after my dive also.. lol… NOT… =P  hehe… really really slim chance.. 0.001% … i’m not that free spirited… although it’d be cool to be that free spirited.. =P 
we waited a long time at the airport.. hoping the wind would die down.. but it didn’t.. =(  we got all suited up and strapped up too!!! One of the instructors got bored during the wait.. and wondered if it’s doable to tantum 2 people with him… lol.. so they strapped me and Yingying up to him….. i think they were amused that us 2 little asian girls together actually weight less than one person.. (maximum they can take with them is a 240lbs person).  That was fun.. we moved to the doorway, and pretended we were jumping out of the plane (actually lifted up our feet, so our weight’s all on him!)… haha.. semi-simulation… it was really windy at the doorway of the warehouse.. so i guess we sorta got a feel of what it would feel like..  Then the rest of time we spent playing with the 2 chocolate colored labradors.. =P 
After we left the airport… we went to a bufalo wing place… spicy!! hehe.. but i like the honey bbq and mango something sauce.. =P 
oh! and i was given the worse jump suit ever!!! it had multiple holes, dirty and reeked… i think i smelled like a homeless person after putting it on… do they ever wash those suits?!!>.<  
*sighs*.. don’t think i’d be able to try to go again till after alaska… target date 7/11 … fingers crossed.. maybe we’ll try going in the morning.. so hopefully at least some point during the day it wasn’t windy…..
ok.. now.. time for UP… hehe.. it’s soooo long overdue.. i think i’ve forgotten all the things i wanted to say about it… but it’s a supurb movie, of course! =) wouldn’t expect anything less from pixar… i think the sweetest part of the movie was when mr. fredricksen read on in the scrap book and realize Ellie had an adventure of a life time with him! It was okay that they didn’t go to paradise fall.  Somtimes dreams is not always what you imagine it to be, i.e Ellie and Carl’s childhood hero Charles F. Muntz really turned out to be an villain… what’s important sometimes is right in front of you. But yeah.. it’s such a tear jerker… weirdly… i think i’ve cried at almost every pixar movie.. lol… every pixar movie makes me laugh+cry… It was sooo sad when Ellie passed away… and so touching to read what Ellie wrote in that Adventure book.  And I liked how Russel looked asian.. although they never furter indicated his ethnicity… asian rep! And of course the dogs! i think everyone loved the dogs, Dug and Alpha.. =D

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One Response to what goes UP comes down…

  1. Ying says:

    lan lan you will not be an instructor cos you will not be able to hold on to a small asian girl like me…i.e. no income XD

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