You know how there’s been talks recently about how the movies are doing very well this year and they are making a lot more money, and they are creditting it to the economy? How people can’t afford to go on trips and spend money on other things for fun, so they go to the movies instead? But I think the reality is, America’s just been producing really good movies this year. I’m not much of a movie goer… but there’s actually a lot of things recently that i want to see, or things coming out that I want to see. Looking forward to 2012 (such awsome CG!!), although it’s just another disaster movie, but the scenes are so catastrophically magnificent (if that makes sense.. -_-|||)… Looking forward to <Sherlock Holmes>as well.
Anyways, back to the original purpose of the post.. HP! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince =D. Excellent and well made. Stayed true to the book, and the story was complete. Although chunks of the stories were cut out, but that’s inevitable, it captured all the important stuff though. Some of the other HP movies are less well made, i.e the plot seem jumbled and disconnect due to parts of the story being cut out. Personally I don’t care much for the main character Mr. Potter himself. I don’t like the fact that the auther singled him out to be "special" to start with, and throughout the serie he got special treatment and special attention. I liked the little Potter in book one, the older Potter just seems too full of himself.. =P  I’m glad Hermione ended up w/ Ron =) . It’d suck if she’s w/ Potter.. haha.. it’d be too predictable, and would seem like the whole world revolves around him (as if it doesn’t already). So much teen romance drama in this movie though.. haha.. i suppose they are expecting their audience to be mostly late teens by now.  And the kid that plays Tom Riddle is sooo adorable!  Also one thing that’s missing from HP series is the story of Tom Riddle, how he got to be "evil".  Throughout the whole series, he’s set up as the antagonist… but i like stories where they show the humane side of the antagonist, to show that there is no pure evil/good… and people got to be "evil" for a reason.  Also herminone is getting prettier every year… while Ron and Harry are getting uglier every year.. =P  Ron acts adorable nevertheless though.. another character i really like is Luna. She’s so eccentric and in her own world, but she always manage to help Potter out in important moments. Like the way she speaks, and she always brings out a laugh from the audience.
I think out of all of the hp movies so far, i dislike the Goblet of Fire the most. The whole movie was pretty much about the stupid competition, felt empty and pointless. I loved the first 3 book of HP… then when it got to the 4th book Goblet of Fire, it got bad… good thing that things picked back up in book 6 and 7. I’m pretty satisfied w/ the ending of book 7. I guessing j k rowling probably got rid of Dumbledor in book 6, to give Potter a way to prove himself, without seeming like he’s being shielded all the time. To prove that he is truely courageous and capable. And i’ve said this, but will say it again, I love quidditch! A HP movie is not complete w/o a good quidditch match =).  love the idea of flying around in brooms and dodging/throwing balls.
It was also very interesting to be comparing/contrasting the scenes in movie with the images i’ve had in my head while reading the book. Some scenes are pretty close, i.e going to visit slughorn, and the cave with the horcrux. Downside though is i anticipated whatever is going to happen next in the movie, and that sort of took the fun out of the surprises.

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