So after years and years of thinking about it, I finally did it! It’s always been a dream of mine to fly, and skydiving is the closest thing humanly possible so far to flying. The scariest moment was actually when i first got on the plane; that’s when it really hit me that i’m really going to do this. Good thing the nervousness went away after a bit. Thanks to the instructors for trying hard to distract me by pointing out the golden gate bridge, making faces and so on.  When it really came the time to jump, everything happened so quickly, that I was already floating in mid air before I have a chance to really freak out.. haha… I think being tightly strapped up, with arms in bracing position helped w/ the fear. when I was at the doorway, i thought to myself, "i’ll just close my eyes, and what happens happens."  It was quickly followed by a sudden downward acceleration (a feeling that i really hate), good thing that it was for a very brief moment (maybe 2 seconds), shorter than one of those log run water rides. Before I realize it, the instructor is already tapping my arms signaling me that we are good and i can open up my arms.  I took a peak, and thought, hey i’m alright, opened my arms, and started smiling at the camera…lol… It wasn’t scary at all actually falling through air, because the tremendous wind seem to be supporting me, and it actually felt like I’m lying on my belly on top of something.  It was hard to smile at the camera though, cause whenever i try to open up my mouth, an incredible gush of wind rushes into it, making it hard to breath… so i learned to keep my mouth shut.. =P And then before I had enough of that "flying" feeling, and before I really had a chance to look around, there’s a sudden tug, and the chute had already opened up. To me spinning w/ the parachute open was scarier than free falling.. =P like i said, i don’t like sudden accelerations… the instructor was spinning us round and round while saying, "isn’t this cool?"… and i replied, "uhuh"… but really i was thinking to myself… "T.T could we stop spinning plz.." The worse part of the whole experience i have to say is actually after i’m back on the ground.. Motion sickness!!! T.T haha.. but it was worth it… so next time, I’m going to jump out of the plane w/ my eyes open to really get the full experience, and i want to do a higher jump if possible, 18000 feet (this one was 13000), so there’s more free fall time.


so I thought doing something this amazing would be life changing in some ways… but not really… I still feel the same as before I jumped.. haha… and the whole experience was kind of cool, but not quite mind blowing… maybe it all happened so quickly, and my brain wasn’t able to process it fully… Perhaps it will be more of an exhilarating experience if I learned to jump on my own.. lol… we will see.. =P  so expensive though!!! so the only impact from skydiving for me was, somehow I finally got an urge to wash my car after xx months… weird! haha… but yeah… didn’t feel any of the other affect people describe.. i.e. "things seems to move a lot slower on earth after the jump", "so much adrenaline rush".. etc.. But it does brings a smile to my face whenever I think about how all there was between me and the ground was air!







omg… ok.. now this is true flying!!


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  1. Dennis says:

    cool vid!

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