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I’ve heard this song sung at karaoke a couple times before, but didn’t hear the original version till recently…. and omg… i’m in love w/ it… The song gives me goosebumps, and the melody/lyric is very touching.. makes me tear … Continue reading

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Just read a colleague’s blog about her mom, whom has passed away. It is beautifully written, and really makes me wonder, what is life? I think when it really comes down to it, it’s about relationships. 亲情,友情,爱情。 Although often times, … Continue reading

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longest read ever!

so…. after 2.5+ years.. i finally finished reading Da Vinci Code…. no idea why it took me so long to finish… i blame the internet… my fingers just have been incapable of leaving the keyboard to pick up a book … Continue reading

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trivial things in life

I hate it when people go, "so do you pronounce your name ‘Lawn’ or ‘Lanne’?"  um… neither!!!!!!   for a while, I’d correct them and say, "neither, it’s Lan2" (saying it the chinese way, aka the right way =P) and … Continue reading

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我很累。。。 也说不上为什么累。。。 是不是能有个世外桃源让我逃? 也许是刚才看得那本电影太压抑了。。 天哪, 看电影本来是属于娱乐,应该放松才对。。 怎么越看越压抑。。。 那电影拍的不错。。 只是是个没有故事的故事。。 挺真挺艺术的。。。 叫《亲密》。。。前两天看的那本也很压抑。。。 《Atonement》。。。不过也是一部不错的电影。。。 郁闷。。。下回找个笑话片看看。。。只是大部分笑话片都很没有深度。。。 不过要深度干吗? 还不如什么都不想, 轻轻松松得活。。。   找了个可以很好形容以上两本电影的词:意犹未尽  

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论坛里看到的笑话。。。那么多种笑话, 我还是觉得口误笑话最能让我笑。。 =P   1. 同桌感冒流鼻涕,但他忘记带手帕了,就不断把鼻涕用力吸入鼻子里。在黑板上写字的语文老师突然转过身来大嚷:“够了!给我停止!吵死了!”全班一片安静。老师又说:“到底是谁上课时偷吃面条还这么大声?” <—- 够恶心吧? 哈哈。。。 2. 和领导等众人喝酒,举起酒杯大声道:"让我们同归于尽吧!"当时脑子太热了  <—- 这个比较冷

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Windows needs decoupling…

you know what? I just realized how badly windows (can’t speak for other OS, since i don’t really use them) is designed…. one thing that it’s terrible at is decoupling!!!  Never thought about this before, but installations on windows is a pain!  … Continue reading

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