angela zhang

I never really liked 张韶涵, because her vocal sounds strange… her music is a bit strange as well… many of her music sound odd and her vocal sounds very deliberate (versus natural and soft flowing)… not sure how else to describe it…. sorta like stephanie sun style, but with less strength, and more forced and deliberate. But she does have an amazing ability to hit high notes!
anyways… her singing style is growing on me.. and i’m starting to like many of her songs… still not the extremely choppy pitching ones though. Thing is when she first started her music career, she was singing pretty normally (which i liked better)… but i think she adopted this unique singing style to be different and to stand out? ok… no more talk.. time for some music.. lol
My current favorite song of hers (not as weird):
This song took quite some time to get used to as well… the medoly in the non-chorus part is a little strange. I totally didn’t get why it’s so popular the first time I heard it.. but now I love it.. lol… 周董+方文山作品 =D
A song from her first album… she sounds somewhat different, that’s why a lot of people don’t believe that this is actually sung by her. You see what I mean by she changed her singing style? I like this style better, although she’s better at handling high pitch notes nowadays. She does naturally have that pitchy shaky voice, but she’s overusing it nowadays in my opinion. It gets annoy when the whole song’s sung with that chopping/pitchy/shaky voice.. for me at least…
Here’s an example of one of her more recent deliberately pitchy songs that i don’t really like.  maybe pitchy is not the word.. a better way to describe it is singing like she’s a kid.. =P:
ok… weirdly… listening to those music agian.. i don’t mind that kiddy pitchy voice as much any more.. haha… so after all that complaining… i’m gonna say i like her music and her voice… lol… oye…. but i still think she sound better w/o being so deliberately kiddish though.. =P ….. as if you guys care about what i think right? lol.. to conclude.. the purpose of this post is to share some good music because music makes our lives more fun =D
and of course 2 of her other popular signature songs:  (<– need some getting used to.. but i love the lyric)

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