Life is a party!

ok… Lan just got back from the BEST wedding ever (of all the ones i’ve been to so far at least)!!! =D  Thanks to Sharena and Scott for throwing such an awsome party (although they probably won’t see this.. i’ll thanks them here anyways.. haha).
It started off with an exotic intriguing Hindu ceremony. I loved all the symbolizm, when it comes to symbolism, you really have to give it to the asians =)…. It’s just not the same in the western culture. Loved the decorations as well, red and gold everywhere, totally matched the color of the sunset on the horizon. It was then followed by touching speeches given by S&S’s parents, siblings, and friend… it brought me to tears (tears of joy of course) on several occasions. They are perfect together, and I’m glad that they have so much support and love from their family and friends. I actually noticed the groom was trying hard to hold in his tears on one occassion. =) After the speeches, came the delicious buffet style indian food from Empreror of India. I’ve heard many good things about that restaurant from colleagues… and they were right. delicious food. I think it’s somewhat close to my workplace, i’ll make sure i go check it out next time. Then S&S did a beautiful first dance, and everyone hit the floor after that. Loved the Sari people were wearing as well, so colorful and pretty.  I have to say the entire wedding is amazing, but all that bollywood dancing at the end really topped it off.. lol…. one thing that I really like about the Indian culture is that everyone can dance! I mean EVERYONE!! that is sooo cool! =D  Once again, congratz to S&S, and I’m sure it was a day for them to remember for a lifetime.. Looking forward to witness a lifetime of happiness between them. Cheers =)

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