Windows needs decoupling…

you know what? I just realized how badly windows (can’t speak for other OS, since i don’t really use them) is designed…. one thing that it’s terrible at is decoupling!!!  Never thought about this before, but installations on windows is a pain!  There are secrete files getting written everywhere, it makes uninstalling/reimaging a pain. When you reimage, you have to install everything from scratch. I always dread reimaging my system, because it feels like loosing my entire life and having to start over. It is a pain trying to remember all the different software you need to reinstall, then going to chase down those installables either online or in your cd pile and click a thousand "Next" buttons to get them installed all over again. The architecture of WordPress is sooo much more preferable. The plugins for it are loosing coupled, meaning installing something and uninstalling something is as easy as adding/deleting a folder. You know where everything should be, and you know where everything really is.  But of course WordPress is just a web app, but i think similar approach can be reused for an operating system right? When you need to reimage your system, you just need to backup a folder w/ all the existing software that you’ve installed on it (each app keeps it’s own config/app data); a folder w/ personal customized data (favorites, password settings, etc); a folder with files and folders you created manually… and viola… after you reimage, you just copy all the folders back.. and you’re up and humming right away like nothing ever happened…
but of course… looking at the glass as half full… it really has came a long way, and has became an integral part of our lives…

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