trivial things in life

I hate it when people go, "so do you pronounce your name ‘Lawn’ or ‘Lanne’?"  um… neither!!!!!!
for a while, I’d correct them and say, "neither, it’s Lan2" (saying it the chinese way, aka the right way =P)
and they’d reply "oh.. so it’s Lawn.." or "ok, so it’s Lanne"  -_-|||
so now I’ve given up, "either is fine"
Here’s a convo I had w/ my high school physics teacher, (whom I absolutely adore and respect)
Mr. B: it’s so hard to pronounce some vietnamese names. Sometimes you can never say it right.
me: I think many foreign names are hard. No one really pronounced my name right either.
Mr. B: oh. I thought yours is easy. it’s "Lawn" right? How do you pronounce it?
me: I pronounce it "Lan2"
Mr. B: Lawn. (repeating after me, looking puzzled) That’s not bad.
me: >.< ok..
so I had a little luck w/ one colleague, he was trying really hard to really get it right
me: Lan2
colleague: Lawn
me: Lan2
colleague: Lanne
me: it’s ok, any way you want to say it is fine. =)
colleague: no no, i really want to get it right
me: ok. it’s Lan2 (saying it slowly)
… after XX tries
colleague: Lan?
me: actually that sound pretty close
colleague: cool! =D so when I say you name, I have to make it sound like it’s a question! You sorta have to raise the pitch in the end!
me: haha.. actually that is right..
(but my luck was for that day only, he went back to "Lawn" ever after)
the thing is i really don’t care that much… just that it sucks when you’re asked the same question all the time, and your answer is something no one expects and no one gets (except for other Chinese of course, but they wouldn’t ask that question to start with =P)

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3 Responses to trivial things in life

  1. Lerry says:

    hahahaha….at least I can pronounce it right!

  2. Dennis says:

    i’m chinese and i’ve been saying it like the local area network! u never corrected me! =p

  3. Lan says:

    @Dennis… cause you never asked! =P if not asked.. i’d take anything … besides, if you’re chinese, you’re suppose to already know! lol.. but what the heck… i introduce myself as Lanne sometimes too… cause if i say "Lan2"… people would go, "pardon? what is it? La?"

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