longest read ever!

so…. after 2.5+ years.. i finally finished reading Da Vinci Code…. no idea why it took me so long to finish… i blame the internet… my fingers just have been incapable of leaving the keyboard to pick up a book the past few years… I reread the first few chapters of the book like at least 4 times before i finally made it past the half way point, and proceeded to finish this past week. I re-read the first few chapters so many times because i’d start reading… then forget about the book, and before i pick it up again it’s 1/2 year later, and i had forgotten what i had read, so had to start from the beginning again. It’s definitely a good book, and an engaging, interesting read. *whispers*:(in a way, this novel felt more convincing than the bible)…. Huh? what? nothing! *shhh*…
I like this story better than Angels and Demons. There’s more action involved, and the symbolism and puzzle solving made more sense….but then maybe I would have liked Angels and Demons if I had read the book.
Anyways, I can finally move on to watch the movie and to hate it like everyone else.. lol.. i’ve been refraining from watching the movie cause i didn’t want it to ruin the story for me. but maybe since i have such low expectations now, I might actually end up liking it.. =P 
hmm… actually i think this is not the longest read… i still haven’t finished that financial management book i borrowed from the library 4 years ago… O_O …. i think it’s more like "stole" than borrowed now… lol… haven’t stepped into that libary for years.. afraid that a siren will go off the minute I step inside… my fine on that card is probably over 100 T.T

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