I am back…

it’s been 3 years since I was last in a classroom… (aside from a few of those one week ibm training classes)… and surprisingly it feels good to be a student again… but i think that’s because it’s a pretty casual low stress class.. =P  I asked the instructor what’s the grading criteria for our presentations are.. he pointed to the line in the syllabus  "presentation – 100pts", and said, "that’s it! you either get 100pts or 0 pts. you either be here and do a presentation or you don’t"… sweet!! =D lol.. don’t you wish all the classes operate like that..
so.. what class am i taking? Real Estate investment… my main motivation for taking the class is to educate myself so I’m more knowledgable when it comes the time to make my next purchase (whenever that might be.. and it’s definitely not looking good at the moment).. i don’t want to make the same mistake i made 2 years ago… I mean come on.. i’m fresh out of college and i’m already kneck deep in debt… i recall back in college, someone gave the advice during a presentation that fresh out of college, your main goal is to explore and find what you love, and be innovative.. the last thing to do is to chain yourself down w/ a mortage… somehow I had forgotten that till now… But of course back in 2007 it felt like the right decision emotionally and financially as a financial-dumb-ass…
so my instructor is a male white Texan… now who does that remind you of? lol… He even sound like the-one-who-shall-not-be-named.. =P  Anyways.. maybe it’s a prejudice I have against talkative sales person… but I get the feeling that he’s not all that he claims to be… or perhaps I’m being too critical… but either way he’s a broker, and there’s no doubt that he knows a lot more about the topic than me, so he’s well qualified to teach…. I just think he’s too good on selling himself…. good thing is the class is pretty engaging… a lot of people asking questions and it feels more like a conversation than lecture. And he can be funny at times… although he does or say silly stuff sometimes like bush.. =P … for example.. he couldn’t figure out which side of plug for the projector to plug into the wall… it was pretty tangled.. but shouldn’t take more than 10 second to figure out… he took 5 minutes, then crossed his arms and gave up… lol…
I was actually thinking about not going to class b/c of work… but i’m so glad I went anyways… because I’m in a much better mood after the class.. work has been literally killing me the past couple of months… it feels good to change context and actually see and talk to people face to face for once…. I think I’m a strange introvert… I love being around people.. I just don’t talk very much.. lol.. I think if anyone were to describe me, the first thing they say would be, "she’s really quiet".. =P  well.. I hope someday i will shake that label… i mean i don’t want to be an obnoxious loud hear me talk all the time type of person.. but I’d like to be able to contribute equally to a conversation, instead of stepping back and listen all the time.. It’s been something that i’ve been working towards to change for the longest time… in the past, there are times I feel that this is just who I am, and there’s no way I will change. But today, for the first time, I know and believe it will happen someday. I know one of these days, I will be in the middle of the spectrum, a great listener and a capable speaker. Anyways.. back to work.. =( another sleepless night…
and on a side note.. i’m thinking of taking macro-econ and micro-econ next semester… been wanting to take it since collge.. but took accounting instead… that was soo useless and boring.. for me at least… i think i’m looking for more of a big picture… i hate money and and i finances… but maybe that’s just b/c I don’t understand it. listening to the instructor talk about the market cycle and so on, it seems pretty interesting to learn about how the economy operates, and understand why things happen as they do.
on a 2nd side note… WOW… i just pasted this on Word, and this entry is equivalent of a 2.5 page essay double spaced… why the heck was it so hard to write an essay back in school???? I would spend 3 hours, and would have about 3/4th of a page…. maybe it’s the elipses ("…") that’s taking up extra space… wonder if anyone’s gonna actually read till the end of this.. =P

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3 Responses to I am back…

  1. Dennis says:

    where u taking classes at?

  2. Lerry says:

    I did finish reading it~ I deserve a reward!

  3. xiang says:

    i am guessing ur instructor is NOT making $$$ in real estateif he’s making a living from real estate he probably wront be teaching a class.Btw.. the word estate come from the middle age, which means that a person who have the right to use the land buy don’t own the land…so who own the land? ( the king..)That’s y they added the real in front…

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