WHAT?  a squat stall?? in the U.S?? Haven’t seen one of these in a while… =P  this is actually on campus at Mission college.. but i’ve always thought this is cleaner than the sitting toilets for public restrooms.. =P i mean, come on.. would you rather step on someone else’s pee and crap or would you rather sit on it??? lol… if only people can aim and flush properly…


while i’m at it.. might as well upload some of the other pics i have on my phone…

on the white board in my old office.. just moved office last week… yes… that’s what i do at work.. -__-|||  i got bored.. proud of it though =D it’s almost a perfect circle… it’s pretty big too.. 2 feet in diameter about

yes! I work on a farm.. -__-|||  this field actually grows wheat when it’s in season.. the land is leased out to some farmer i think.. there are almond trees too… there are also some cows on those hills… anyways.. if you look to the far right, that white building.. that’s ibm.. but actually the real reason i took this pic b/c of two jack rabits in the middle of the pic.  i’ve seen quite a few animals out here when i used to actually drive in to work.. saw turckies(if i could spell), snakes, tons of squirels whereever you walk past, there are swarms of squirels galloping away.. some people have also seen cyotes and boars


same field, sunset


closer shot of a jack rabbit


pretty flowers


2 blue corvetts on my way to work!


My high school… i actually live walking distance to my high school now… haven’t been back in a while.. so took a walk after dinner one day.. our clock tower.. it’s a lame tower… i liked the old one much much better.. but it was burnt down one summer.. T.T yes! ghetto school! when i was there.. every summer something burned downed… classrooms, clock tower, palm trees, restrooms.. love the school never the less though. hehe..


hand print wall.. thought this was neat..


wish my hand was there.. didn’t have this when i was there…  can’t believe it’s been 7 year…


nice mural..


hehe.. glad that i have no more of those… the school stayed pretty much the same.. except a few more woode benches.. all the old benches are old and broken..

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2 Responses to o_O?

  1. Dennis says:

    ewww… thanks for taking the pic before using it i guessss =pand galloping squirrels?? lol never seen/heard that until now

  2. Lerry says:

    I missed high school life~….

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