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this is hilarious


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I killed someone….

…… in my dream last night.   =(  What a horrible horrible nightmare… Have forgotten bits and pieces of it as the day gone by… I was on a trip for something, and was in a hotel room. The room … Continue reading

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on BS

ok, so I’m not the only one who think my RE teacher is full of it…. *phew*… i thought i was being too critical… seriously.. he reminds me of Bush all the time.. =P He said he got masters from … Continue reading

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more of my dad is a fob.. (ZT)

funny/cute =) ———————————————- I’m studying abroad for law school, so my dad sent this really cute birthday email to me (I turned 24 so it’s also my zodiac year of the ox): The 24 hearts are our devotions to you … Continue reading

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对啦。。就是不想睡。。。就是不想工作。。。 humph!!   那个。。。 想comment 一下。。 败犬女王里的北极熊先生好可怜。。。 单无双在搞什么。。。 T.T 其实没怎么看这部电视剧。。。 偶尔看一两集。。 不过前前后后的故事也大概知道。。。   还有就是很喜欢片头曲里的一个scene… 就是下雨, 然后无双从咖啡厅的屋檐下跑了出去, 用杂志遮着头。。。但是没跑几步, 就把杂志甩了, 大步大步得往前走, 然后在雨里转了一个圈, 笑得很灿烂。。。 i like the feeling that’s trying to convey… it’s saying sometimes if you just let go, you’ll find your … Continue reading

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a quote from hysta conf

a very interesting, yet oh so true, quote from Fang Fang (if my memory is not failing me) on the conference..   "1969 only socialism can save china, 1979 only capitalism can save china. 1989 only china can save socialism… 2009 … Continue reading

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