on BS

ok, so I’m not the only one who think my RE teacher is full of it…. *phew*… i thought i was being too critical… seriously.. he reminds me of Bush all the time.. =P He said he got masters from one of the best RE programs in the country.. and a classmate of mine looked up the university, and it’s a lame school… ok… so i guess that can be true.. if "best" is taken to mean the top 80% or something? then sure, it would be one of the top 80%… there are also many times when a student asks a question, instead of just admitting "I don’t know"… he would go on and on w/o really answering the question, then by the time he’s done.. everyone has forgotten what the question was.. XD and boy is he bad at math… i get the feeling that he has no idea what he’s talking about or doing himself half of the time.
so we were role playing, and he asked all the "agents" to step out to speak with him, and I asked "buyer’s agent or seller’s agent? or both?" he replied, "just the agent, no buyer and sellers.." and walked out right afterwards… i looked at my fellow classmates puzzled, and we shrugged and decided it’s probably both and followed him out… and when we are out there, he was like, "wow.. why are there a lot more agents than buyers or sellers.."  -_-||||  helllooooooooo??? there’s one buyer’s agent for each buyer and one seller’s agent for each seller… so of course it’s 2x….  maybe this is a bad example of indicating he’s bad at math.. but this is what i remember cause it happened yesterday.. don’t remember other incidences…
so this led me to the topic of BS… a skill I’m terriblly lacking at…
while in general it’s frown upon.. it’s a useful skill to have… as long as you’re not over the top with it that people think you’re a total fraud…
I told my dad once that one doesn’t really need to be skilled or knowledgable to be sucessful, as long as they appear confident, put up an act and ask for what they want, they will most likely be successful.  He argued back that if they can make it to the top, it means they’ve got what it takes, it’s a skill too to be able to BS your way to the top =P…
A friend told me that his boss is good at BSing at times, and only he is able to catch him doing it… but of course it was BSing in positive light… so where is the line between adequet BSing, and "you’re an idiot" type of BSing?
so as an example from the HYSTA conf.. Steve Westly from Westly group, he was BSing a bit too.. but because he was so eloquent, I didn’t care as much, love his talk regardless.  Lu Qi, president of Microsoft online service group, you can totally tell he’s not a natrually good speaker, but yet it makes everything he says double the importance and weight, because I know he means what he says and he knows what he is talking about. so it’s perfect if you have the best of both worlds, but if to choose.. i’d rather be the latter.
hmm… ok… too many thoughts running through me.. and i forgot what point i was trying to make.. if i even had a point…
maybe i’m just envious of people who can BS b/c i can’t.. =P  But not sure if i ever want to… again reality clashes with ideals… often times eventually ideals cave in to reality…

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