snowboarding lesson #2

tip#1: put your weight on your front foot!!  although it’s scary, because you’ll feel like you’re flying down the slope.. but it’s a fear that must be overcome… it’s the same principle for skiing, lean forward (i.e. hip forward)

#2: point to where you want to go, this helps to angle your hip in the right direction, and get you moving in the direction you want. it is actually unnatural snowboarding because you’re sideways to the direction you want to go, subconsciously your hip will align perpendicular to the vector you want to move in because that’s what you’re use to. using your arm to point forces the hip to be parallel to the direction you’re going.

#3: on a flat area, try to bend your knees more, lower yourself, and put even more weight on front feet.. this cuts down on air resistance and help you ride through the flat parts without getting stuck.. harder done than said… i still can’t master this.. T.T part of the reason is i always freak out on the steep slope before the flat area, and would break to cut down my speed… but actually you need to fly down those slopes to have enough inertia to keep you moving through the flat parts..

#4: try to fall on your fist or elbow.. falling on your palm is bad for your wrist…. this is yet to be mastered as well…

snowboarding lesson #1 is here –>!D29ECB41E1903FBE!1584.entry

*doh! i just read my post from last year and realized tip #1 was already on there!! i should have read my post before going again this year…. i was pretty frustrated because i was doing a lot worse than where i left off last year.. and it took me 1.5 days to pick up the basics again… and the problem was i wasn’t leaning on my front feet!! so after 2 days of snoboarding.. i’m finally sorta at the level i was last year… sorta carving on green slopes…


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