police action….

O_O  ok… i’m not so sure if i should be living in my neighborhood any more… there are too many "exciting" things going on……

There are 12+ police cars outside of my windows right now…. about 20 min ago, i heard a voice through bullhorn that said "put your hands in the air"… i was… eh.. what? and peaked through my blinds.. there were 3 police cars coming to a stop… and more coming from all entrances of the parking lot.. (there’s a parking lot to a small shopping center right outside of my windows)… then i saw 2 guys, one in gray sweatshirt and one in red sweatshirt… the gray sweatshirt guy pulled out something and dropped it on the ground… but none of them put their hands up.. then the 2 guys said something to each other in Vietnamese… after several requests, the gray sweatshirt guy finally complied, and he was asked to walk backward toward the voice of the police officer… after they cuffed the gray sweatshirt guy… the red shirt guy was asked to get rid of his cigarette and walk backwards with hands in the air… but he was walking at a wrong angle.. so a police said… "not that way.. walk towards me"… then the red shirt guy stopped walking… (probably frustrated at how he is suppose to know which direction to walk when he needs to walk backwards.. =P)  he didn’t budge even after several officers yelled start walking.. so finally one was nice enough to say, "ok, turn around, and walk towards me.." -_-|||| …. and of course while this was all going on.. there are several officers holding their guns up against the car doors aiming at them.  After they are both cuffed in.. a chubby police walked over with a flashlight… and picked up what the gray shirt guy threw on the floor… and it was a knife! (the officer picked it up w/ his bare hands.. i thought you’re suppose to wear gloves to not destroy the fingerprints on the evidence!!! maybe i’ve just watched too many movies.. haha.. or b/c it didn’t matter since it was raingin). most of the cars are gone now.. only 3 left…. wonder what those 2 guys did… and it’s raining pretty hard tonight too… feel kinda bad for the officers that they are getting rained on…. but not bad enough to forgive them for giving me that $500 speeding ticket!!! >.<  haha.. j/k… -__-||||  555555…

edit 1:
eh….. i actually have the beginning of the event voice recorded…. -_-||||  i forgot i had the recorder on… and i have the recorder on cause i was in the middle of recording myself singing… XD ……

stop right there
put your hands up in the air
put your hands up in the air
hold your hands up in the air
<then it was the sound of me taking off my headphones, and going over to turn off my light, so i can peak in the dark.. XD>

see how boring my life is?? getting entertained through this…. >.<


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2 Responses to police action….

  1. yi says:

    Haha. cannot listen to it right now. so you are singing in the background while the police arresting people 🙂

  2. Lan says:

    no.. =P haha.. i cut out the singing part… lol.. XD

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