Memoirs of a Geishia (the book)

I have to say it’s exquisite… the foremost impression i have of it is it’s beautifully and interestingly written. In the beginning, I almost took it to be a biography than a fiction. It’s full of similes and metaphors, the book feels like it really was translated from an old woman reciting the story in japanese. I haven’t learned japanese, but after reading the book, I imagined the japanese language to be just as vivid and beautiful as Chinese. English is rather direct, but i think Chinese and japanese are more poetic, full of imagery.

Looking back on the movie, it was rather superficial, the book had a lot more content and culture.

I am not fond of the plot particularly, it’s too novely (if that’s a word).  Things worked out perfectly in the end for the main character Chiyo. She got exactly what she wanted, but life is not always that way. In real life, often times you don’t get what you want, but if you’re lucky, you will realize that whatever you end up with is not so bad after all, and what you wanted might or might not have been all that great.

I feel bad for Nobu, in someways, you can say Chiyo deceived and used him. but the author justified it by saying that Nobu didn’t really understand Chiyo, and making Chariman the real person who helped Chiyo the most. But a plot such as this seemed deliberate. it seemed as if the author led the main character into a dead-end, then purposely left a trap door for her to escape. It made the story unrealistic. I normally wouldn’t complain about a fiction being unrealistic, but the book was so realistically writing, I had higher hopes. Honestly, I wish Chiyo ends up w/ the Chairman as well. After all, no matter how virtuous and transcending one is, being human, there’s always an element of selfishness and superficiality, i just didn’t appreciate the author justifying the selfishness and superficiality so it appears just. in chinese words 当了婊子又立牌坊. Back to how the author justified for Chiyo’s betrayal of Nobu. Nobu was very affectionate toward Chiyo because he thought she is the only girl that didn’t mind his missing arm and scared face. He thought she was special, above it all,  and she saw more of what’s on the surface of him. In reality, he was merely a pawn for her to get to where she wants. And of course the author had to defend our protagonist, Chiyo’s actions by saying that Nobu didn’t really love her, and didn’t care to understand her, he only loved that fact that she wasn’t scared of looking at him.

overall a great book. i give it kudos for the richness of culture it presents.

i just started reading gone w/ the wind (3 chapters into it at the moment), and it’s starting to sound like another story about a b*tch.. =P  i don’t understand why it’s such a popular story, so i typed that question in google, and someone said, it really wasn’t about romance of Scarlette and her men, it’s a romance about Scarlette and the land her father passed on to her… I guess that would make more sense, and makes the story a little more meaningful.  will write another commentary on that when i’m done. but seems like these two book are in some ways alike.


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