Up in the Air

I remember someone mentioning the movie to me once. pretty good movie, and even if it wasn’t that great, it’d be enough having George Clooney in it.. lol.. it’s another one of those movies that gives you a slight heartache… but i totally agree w/ the message that the movies is trying to give, life really comes down to the people around you. at the end of the day, what matters the most is your family. too bad mr. bingham still ended up alone, but i think he realized that he was lonely w/ his commitment free life. i hope he does settle down eventually, although the movie sorta ended hinting that he will continue to live his life up in the air. It seemed that his life purpose was to acquire 10 million mileages, but once he got there he was lost, it didn’t feel as exciting as he thought it would be. His sole purpose in life was gone. It was sweet that he gave his miles away in the end to his sister and brother in law, so they can have their honeymoon traveling around the world.

i also really like the twist w/ Alex. throughout the movie, i totally thought he and Alex(a woma) is going to get together, and Mr. Bingham will be cured of his lonesomeness… but it ends up that Alex already has her family and life, he is just a parenthesis in her life. that even more contrasts the fact that his life view has been wrong.

here are some of the quotes i like from the movie:

Ryan Bingham:
[on getting through airport security]
Never get behind old people. Their bodies are littered with hidden
metal and they never seem to appreciate how little time they have left.
Bingo, Asians. They pack light, travel efficiently, and they have a
thing for slip on shoes. Gotta love ’em.
——–> lol.. stereotypical.. but true.. it’s a good tip.. reminds me of when i was traveling w/ a colleague to conference, and we got in diff security lines and he ended up finishing a lot faster than me.. then he said, if you fly as much as me, you’d know which is the faster line… moms w/ stroller, big no no.. haha..

Natalie Keener:
it feels like, no matter how much success I have, it’s not gonna matter
until I find the right guy. I could have made it work, he really fit
the bill, you know. White collar, 6’1, college grad, loves dogs, likes
funny movies, brown hair, kind eyes, works in finance but is outdoorsy.
I always imagined he’d have a single syllable name like Matt or John or
Dave. In a perfect world, he drives a 4 runner and the only thing he
loves more than me is his golden lab. And a nice smile. What about you?

Alex Goran:
You know, honestly by the time you’re 34, all the physical requirements
just go out the window. You secretly pray that he’ll be taller than
you, not an a.$$-hole would be nice just someone who enjoys my company,
comes from a good family. You don’t think about that when you’re
younger. Someone who wants kinds/ likes kids/wants kids. Healthy enough
to play with his kids. Please let him earn more money than I do, you
might not understand that now but believe me, you will one day
otherwise that’s a recipe for disaster. And hopefully, some hair on his
head. I mean, that’s not even a deal breaker these days. A nice smile.
Yea, a nice smile just might do it.

Natalie Keener:
Wow. That was depressing.

—————> this convo sounds very real…. when you’re young you have all these images of what you hope your SO would be like… but in reality, most people settle… in the end it’s more just about having someone just being there


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