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妈的。。。 我又跑来骂街了。。。反正现在也没人看我的blog… 你说没有“男者亲故”也就算了, 老天就不能给我派个哥们儿做个伴吗?搞得我现在都不想出门了。。。大家都成双成对的。。。打羽毛球吧我是多余的, 派对吧我也孤零零一个。。。感觉自己无地自容似地。。。 Advertisements

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ehh…. am i seriously posting this? i guess i am… XD ZT

The Online Dating Guide for Modest People Dating can be difficult for everyone. But if you’re the type of person who is quiet, introverted, and modest you often experience an additional set of problems. We’ve put together several suggestions to … Continue reading

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越来越喜欢王力宏了。。 XD 感觉他好像是个蛮有内涵的一个人。。而且真的在音乐方面是多才多艺。。。虽然我对他写的曲风还是不是太认同。。

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上一辈子的人追求的是生活得安逸,平稳。 他们所谓的生活是有饭吃,有房住,供孩子上大学,甚至可以有多一点点多出来的物质来炫耀。而我们不愁吃不愁穿的这一代追求的是快乐, 自由,与理想。也许是我活得太舒心了,也许在上一辈的眼里我是幼稚的。 我不知道将来我对物质的要求会有多高, 但是目前我觉得丰衣足食,有个屋檐就够了,钱不钱的不重要。。 我只想要一个我看着舒心,聊着舒心,可靠,诚实,有共同目标与value的人过一辈子。。。 然后再有两个可爱的娃。。。这要求很高吗?也许吧。。。世上的东西有时真的是可遇不可求。。。至少我不是那类回去求的人。。。也许真求了,你倒发现那并不是你想要的。。。 好像偏题了。。。 补充一下,我觉得如果这辈子回家能看见一张张对着你笑的脸,也许这就足够了。。。

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can anyone even see my blog now that it’s moved to wordpress??? oh well… i’m more writting this for myself anyways… just that the extra feedback from my friends made it a little more interesting. here’s are the reviews i … Continue reading

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so i had another wild dream last night… i was driving home, and saw a car wrapped in a ball of fire flying/shooting out of the top of the gas station on the left corner in front of me, about … Continue reading

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me, myself and i

i just realized today, despite the number of connections i have on fb… i in fact have no friends….. what a scary thing to realize…. i’m becoming such a loner.. don’t know what happened… my high school friends are sort … Continue reading

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