so i had another wild dream last night… i was driving home, and saw a car wrapped in a ball of fire flying/shooting out of the top of the gas station on the left corner in front of me, about half a block away, then immediately the whole gas station exploded and caught on wild fire.  I yelled to my passenger, “oh my god, did you see that…” and my passenger keep hitting me on the arm and crying “omg… look.. look..”… i was about to say, “yes, i saw…” until i realized she wasn’t referring to the exploding gas station, she’s instead looking to the left. There I see 2 of my guy cousins unconscious in their car, looks like they were in a car accident, but the other party is no where to be found… i freaked out, and got so worried because they looked lifeless.. we jumped out of the car, and got to them, and try to wake them. then next thing i know, they are both out of the car, and one squatting and another leaning against a pole, they look to be slightly injured, but not too serious. we tried dialing 911, but couldn’t get through… i thought maybe it’s because of the explosion, all the emergency vehicles are responding to that, so i couldn’t get through… anyways.. another disastrous dream… too much Hollywood movies i think..


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