Gone with the Wind (part 1)

or more like part 1.b, since i talked about it a bit in the review for Geisha

finished 10 chapters of Gone with the wind… and I have to say, i’m starting to like Scarlett… she is still a b*tch… but she’s true to herself, and i give her kudos for fighting against social norms… in some ways she is admirable, brave to do what her heart desires… I think her father Gerald is totally an adorable character… Although i still like the seemingly virtuous Ashley and Melanie better… but sometimes it’s the imperfection in the character that makes them adorable and relatable.. The thing that bothers me most about Scarlett though is she seems to only care about dancing, having fun, and captivating men. But she’s only 17, merely a kid, and with her upbringing in that twisted society, maybe she can’t be blamed. But i have to say she brought it on herself, but it was an unwise choice of an ignorant girl. It is extremely unfortunate to be a solemn widow at the age of 17. I hope to see growth in her through out the book, i hope to at least see her like her own child, and find more meaning to her life.

ugh! i’m annoyed with Scarlett again… reading into ch 11…. now i see why wikipedia said she realized later that her “love” for Ashley is in fact infatuation… she didn’t even care about his thoughts and feelings, finding what he wrote to melanie about the war as boring… all she cared about was if he really loved Melanie… i don’t understand why a man like ashley would find scarlett attractive to start w/! maybe it was infatuation for him too, and he realizes that, that’s why he decided to marry Melanie..

i do see now though why this book is a classic.. the love affair of silly scarlett is merely a medium that caries and takes us back to the time of civil war in the south.

one thing i’ve been wondering about is does Ashley really love Scarlett.. I doubt it.. cause of his quote:
“My dear, must you make me say things that will hurt you?” but it doesn’t seem like he romantically love Melanie either
when scarlett asked if he loves melanie, instead of answering directly, he said
“She is like me, part of my blood, and we understand each other. Scarlett! Scarlett! Can’t I
make you see that a marriage can’t go on in any sort of peace unless the two people are

so it sounds like he married melanie because it made sense to do so, rather than driven by feelings. but i know he does love melanie at least as a sister or family.
maybe ashley doesn’t “love” anyone.. like he is not a hot headed person like scarlette, like he says, “How could I
help caring for you– you who have all the passion for life that I have not? You who can love
and hate with a violence impossible to me? Why you are as elemental as fire and wind and
wild things and I–” i think i can sort of relate to that… passion comes hard for me… i often feel like still water in a lake.. calm and peaceful w/o disturbances.. He is probably attracted to scarlette because she’s different, just like how scarlette is attracted to him. difference is though he understand that it won’t work out, while scarlette mistakens the admiration for love.


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