Gone with the Wind 2.a

a small entry today for “Gone With the Wind”… i’ve read till part 3 at the moment.. the synergy between Rhett and Scarlett is fun… they sort of have this love hate relationship… actually Scarlett loves/hates Rhett… Rhett is just all knowing, and finds it fun to tease Scarlett, and seems extremely confident that he will have Scarlett some day.

I like how Rhett is honest about who he is, and not pretentious.. but there’s something missing from that man.. and it’s “believe”… he seems to only believe in enjoying life for himself.. and don’t care for the major causes… but maybe he just find the causes everyone’s hyped about silly.. if there is a meaningful cause he would care for it too. But i’m really here because i like the 2 following quotes. it’s the advice Rhett gives to scarlett:

R: “Oh, not at all. Until you’ve lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is.”
S: “You do talk scandalous!”
R: “Scandalously and truly. Always providing you have enough courage–or money–you can do without a reputation.”

it’s somewhat true… we are only as free as we allow ourselves to be.. this reputation we have to maintain… maybe sometimes it’s not important… why bother keeping up a reputation you don’t believe in… we need to be who we are and come to discover our true believes and live life to define your reputation, instead of living up to a predefined reputation. hmm.. i guess a this supposedly short entry didn’t end up being so short after all..

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